Simulation Toolkit for Identifying GUD of a mixed pixel

The green-up date (GUD; also known as the start-of-season [SOS]), as one of the vital phenological metrics, characterizes the onset of measurable photosynthetic activities or the timing of spring arrivals. This simulation toolkit identifies the GUD in a mixed pixel containing multiple endmembers based on the NDVI time series of each endmember.

Toolkit: Google Drive            Baidu Cloud

User Guide: PDF

When using the program, please cite:

Chen et al. (2018). The mixed pixel effect in land surface phenology: A simulation study. Remote Sensing of Environment211, 338-344.


Evacuation Risk Assessment Toolkit

The critical cluster model (CCM) is a novel contribution to assessing the evacuation risk in a network-based city. Here I have designed a custom program to implement the model.

Toolkit: Google Drive              Baidu Cloud

User Guide: PDF

When using or modifying the program, please cite the following sources:

Chen X, Li Q (2017). Modeling road network vulnerability for evacuees and first responders in no-notice evacuation. Journal of Advanced Transportation.

Chen X, Kwan MP, et al. (2012). A model for evacuation risk assessment with consideration of pre-and post-disaster factors. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, 36(3), 207-217.

Li Q, Chen X, et al. (2010). An evacuation risk assessment model for emergency traffic with consideration of urban hazard installations. Chinese Science Bulletin, 55(10), 1000-1006.