Peter The Geographer

I am an Assistant Professor at Arkansas Tech University, USA. I am joining the Department of Geography at the University of Connecticut in August 2019.

My research interests are focused on evaluating urban food access. While traditional measures of food access primarily explore the absolute spatial separation (e.g., distance to food stores), my work emphasizes other dimensions of food access, such as time (e.g., store opening hours) and context (e.g., cultural appropriateness, nutrition education), eventually unveiling the socioeconomic inequalities and health consequences of the community as a result of the lack of affordable, healthy food provision. This thread of food research is explored by using innovative geospatial techniques, including space-time geovisualization, volunteered geographic information (VGI) on social media, and deep learning models.

My other research interest is within the realm of emergency preparedness through assessing the vulnerability of urban infrastructure and developing location models of emergency shelters.